Hemp Seeds Cookies

These hemp seeds cookies are LOADED with omega-3. Plus, they are vegan, gluten-free, and sugar-free—so healthy! A single cookie will give you almost 80% of your omega-3 RDI. How awesome is that? They’re also rich in proteins and fibres. Yummy yummy!
◽ Full Recipe: https://fdly.link/bT4u

️ Makes: 12 cookies

Free Ebook: https://fdly.link/ebook

Ingredients (you can switch between Imperial and Metric System, and adjust servings, on our site):

◽ Pitted Prunes (or dates)—4.20 oz
◽ Oat Flakes—6 oz
◽ Pumpkin Seeds—0.70 oz
◽ Almond Milk—2.65 fl oz
◽ Sugar-Free Applesauce—2.10 oz
◽ Baking Powder—half tsp
◽ Ground Cinnamon—half tsp
◽ Shelled Hemp Seeds—1.40 oz
◽ Ground Flaxseeds—0.70 oz

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