Figuring Out The Secret For 300 Bushel Corn

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Andy “aTrippyFarmer” Dole is a 6th generation farmer from Central Illinois. On this farm, Andy works alongside his father, Marty, his uncles, Chris and Jeff, and his sister, Katie, to grow corn and soybeans on some of the finest dirt in the world. Andy and his family are deeply rooted in the area, operating a large farm that traces it origins back into the 1800s. Although some tracts did not stand the test of time, Andy and his family still grow corn and soybeans on fields that have been in the family for longer than even the oldest members of the farm have been alive. We do, we have, and we always will take tremendous pride in calling this piece of paradise our home. Andy was a Bronze Tablet graduate of the University of Illinois in the field of Crop Sciences, following the same path as his father and late grandfather.

It would be misleading for Andy to claim that this life is one that came by chance; rather, as a member of two multi-generational farm families, it was simply in his blood. His passion for agriculture traces back to his early youth–some of his fondest, earliest memories being of days spent riding in the combine with his father and grandfather. Although his understanding of the lifestyle was much less complex in the beginning, the love he has for farming, and its industry has only appreciated through time. As this dream blossomed into adulthood, Andy now works relentlessly, and tirelessly, to chase his own dreams and to build a farming operation of his own alongside his family.

We, as a whole operation, are handymen, electricians, mechanics, landscapers, accountants, economists, caretakers, stewards, and, most importantly, farmers, and we take an incredible amount of pride in our work. There is no challenge too overwhelming, no situation too stressful, and no problem too difficult for us to take on, and we want to take you along with us. Welcome to our farm and welcome to our lives. You have the best seat in the house to watch the everyday chaos of farming unfold–we usually only get concerned when things aren’t going wrong!

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skibidi toilet พากย์ไทย EP 57 @DaFuqBoom