Big Clive Live

Originating during lockdown 2020, these streams are basically a gathering of technical people around the world at a virtual bar. Snacks, medicinal compounds and beverages are strongly recommended.

A UK TV licence is not required to view any of my content.

The streams can be used to relieve frustration, stress and hysteria when correctly applied. Do not use on unexplained calf pain.

Note that this channel may occasionally feature loud drunken opinions and rants, and that they are purely personal opinions and not formal statements.

If superchat is enabled, please only contribute small amounts like buying me a drink at the bar.
The channel can also be supported on Patreon, giving extra streams and better interaction with the main channel, while also providing a way to share new videos if I upset someone and get my channel deleted.

This channel is for live streams and face videos to let the main channel stay focussed on bench videos. You can find the main channel here:-

The best way to enjoy these videos after the live stream is probably to have them playing in the background like a radio for a bit of company.

View original source video by clicking here

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