CBD Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List

Whether you’re celebrating winter holidays or buying end-of-year gifts for business, shopping for others can be a stressful endeavor.

You want to get something that the recipient will enjoy. And if they won’t necessarily enjoy it, it should at least be something they can use. But, let’s face it: some people are just hard to shop for.

Fortunately, in times of gift shopping need, CBD comes to the rescue once again.

Since it’s making its way into all different kinds of products, you can find CBD in a form that will fit just about anyone on your list. From beard oil to bath bombs, from candy to coffee, there’s a CBD gift idea for everyone.

Read on for our definitive guide to giving CBD — we’ve even got gift ideas for the trickiest people on your list (and a few coupon codes, too)!

Best CBD Gift for the Wellness Warrior

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They eat their kale and drink their celery juice. They meditate, practice yoga, AND attend spin class. But they haven’t tried CBD. At least, not yet.

So, what to get for the wellness-focused person who has everything?

We think they’d love the CBD tincture that earned our highest marks in flavor: Populum Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil. In fact, it topped our list of the best-tasting CBD oils for 2018.

Shop Populum

CBD Gifts for the Foodie on Your List

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Want to check out our top pick for gourmet CBD treats?

We’re loving the CBD nuts from A Boring Life.

Their Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt Almonds will please any picky palate, while their Chez Almonds incorporate a hint of lavender for the more adventurous foodie. And each serving provides a very respectable 25 mg of CBD from organic hemp.

Shop A Boring Life

CBD Treats for the Pet Lover in Your Life

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If the pet lover on your shopping list has a furry friend who suffers from arthritis, anxiety, or other issues, they might benefit from some CBD.

Check out the brand that topped our list of the best CBD for pets: Pure Hemp Botanicals.

With their high quality ingredients, good pricing, and solid customer service, they’re a great choice for pets large and small.

Save 15% with code: cbdhack15

Shop Pure Hemp Botanicals

CBD Grooming Gear for the Dapper Chap

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For the well-groomed gentleman in your life, the care and feeding of one’s beard is essential.

And CBD beard oil can help soften facial hair while soothing the skin’s shaving-induced itchiness and inflammation.

So, which beard oil is gift-worthy? Infinite CBD’s Beard Flux starts with jojoba oil and hemp seed oil, then adds essential oils of sandalwood and peppermint.

Say goodbye to beard dandruff, and hello to healthy skin.

Shop Infinite CBD

CBD Recovery for the Fitness Fan

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We all know someone who is always in motion. Whether they’re running, cycling, surfing, or lifting, they are happiest when they’re pursuing a new personal best.

So, which CBD product would be right for your athletic acquaintance?

Receptra Naturals has a huge following among fitness buffs, especially in the mixed martial arts community. And their Active Lifestyle CBD oils blend essential fatty acids and turmeric to improve performance.

Shop Receptra Naturals

What to Get the CBD Spa Devotee

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For that person in your life who could use a little bit of pampering, CBD-infused bath and beauty products could be just the thing.

Kush Queen has earned accolades for their range of self-care essentials. And their bath bombs in particular get rave reviews. Combining CBD with essential oils selected for specific effects, they can turn any bath or foot soak into a spa experience.

Shop Kush Queen

A CBD Gift for the Bookworm in Your Life

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CBD for the Coffee Aficionado

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Coffee is so ubiquitous that nearly everyone drinks it daily. But for some people, it’s not just routine…it’s a lifestyle.

And for the serious coffee drinker, Restorative Botanicals offers CBD-infused coffee beans that make the perfect gift.

They use organic Peruvian coffee beans, sourced through direct trade and infused with full-spectrum CBD derived from Colorado hemp. The result? A rich, full bodied cup of coffee that delivers a delicious dose of CBD. (And their CBD caramels are pretty great, too.)

Shop Restorative Botanicals

CBD for the One Who Just Wants Candy

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Do you know someone who always orders dessert? For the person in your life who has a sweet tooth that just won’t quit, balance out that sugar rush with a CBD gummy.

We’ve got the perfect stocking stuffer: Fab’s CBD Chews hit the sweet spot with just the right amount of balancing tartness and 25 mg of CBD in each piece. And their non-GMO, all natural, and vegan ingredients mean that you can feel good about sharing these treats.

Shop Fab

Still looking for a few good CBD products? Check out our recommended CBD brands, or browse our top CBD oils for 2018.


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Vegan CBD treats for pets
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skibidi toilet พากย์ไทย EP 57 @DaFuqBoom